Why network security is important for businesses
network security

Why network security is important for businesses

Security vulnerabilities have always been one of the most tempting motivations for hackers. From according to the US Center for Resource theft,  cases of unauthorized access to important business information due to poor network security . An astonishing figure, a 44% increase over previous years. In addition to the horrific event, IT experts predict that by the end of 2020, modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, iot, and cloud computing will be growing at an incredible rate. Is growth; We face more inefficiencies and weaknesses in network security channels . This is a worrying statistic and is increasing the importance of network security for small and large businesses. Do not forget that the main prey of cyber attacks are small and private businesses.


What does network security mean?

Network security in businesses

In general, the purpose of network security is to emphasize the methods and technologies that a business has to protect and maintain its infrastructure.

This infrastructure consists of data, applications, web networks, software and hardware used in your business.

Investigating the impact of efficient management of IT systems

  1. Ensure the security of all digital assets, including websites, user accounts, payment pages, and the need for high reliability and versatility
  2. Maintain the security and credibility of your business and its management

Why is network security important?

The importance of network security in businesses - Parmont

Of course, it depends on who we ask this question? But in general, network security means that your business can provide all the services and orders that users and customers want live. As the importance of data and personal data security increases, so does digital ethics in business.

Today, digital media is the leading word in the world, so the security of the information network is also very important. In fact, it is quite true that small startups to the giants of the world’s business industries in the world care about it. In a way, they consider network security as the core of their services. Many people also expect everyday services, transactions, and so on. Easily accessible to them.

The world of digital and information technology is doomed to progress. So if a business fails to meet this expectation, it will lose customers. Providing computer network security in addition to preventing organized cyber attacks will optimize and grow your business.

 Network security and review related statistics

  • More than half of the world’s Internet traffic is generated by mobile phones.
  • Fifty-six percent of Internet traffic generated by mobile phones is generated by automated sources such as bots, hacking operations, spam, and fake identities.
  • Approximately 73% of reported cyberattacks are carried out for financial purposes, otherwise known as ransomware.
  • Approximately 4,000 ransomware attacks occur daily.
  • On average, one in every 131 emails contains malware that contains viruses or malware.
  • Approximately 46% of customers believe that if they have an unpleasant or suspicious digital experience, or even more severely, they will no longer buy from a particular business just after hearing about unpleasant or suspicious digital experiences.

Network security services are as follows:

Security of computer networks in organizations_Parmont

Disrupted or liquidated business:

Even small-scale cyber-attacks can disrupt your business and drive everything from financial information to a broken inventory to the complete failure of digital functions.

Missing data:

It can be said that losing business money will be the least of your worries during cyber attacks. In such cases, the privacy of customers and the organization, as well as information about your business and sensitive information will be compromised.


Penalties – Cash and legal:

In addition to being required to provide an accurate report on the depth and details of a cyberattack, your business may face some “mismanagement” penalties imposed by the government, and your standard certifications may be violated by law. Be void.


Business failure

Only a limited number of customers trust a company whose resume has been damaged by digital mismanagement. This directly affects your profit and loss and your flexibility.


Types of cyber attacks on the IT infrastructure of businesses

Network attacks

Experienced hackers have the ability to search for vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, outdated operating systems, or even inefficient antivirus software in your network defense processes and practices. These hackers continue to infiltrate such vulnerabilities in order to install viruses or directly steal information. The most severe network attacks carry out the risk of extracting information indefinitely, thus requiring data retrieval to make corrections.



Social attacks

Hackers or programmed bots have the ability to send messages to your employees, especially via email or in the form of clandestine website traffic. Their goal is to persuade employees to disclose passwords and log in, click on a link, open a file, or download content that appears to be trusted and essential to the success of businesses.

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