Wi-Fi setup guide for network games – LAN

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In this office, you can learn how to set up Wi-Fi for network games or LAN – LAN and enjoy playing with your close friends.


If for any reason you do not have the ability to use or create a local area network (Ethernet) via cable and you want to do so over a wireless network; This Wi-Fi setup guide for networked games can solve your problems and allow you to create a convenient Wi-Fi LAN.

Learn how to set up WiFi for network or LAN games

Set up WiFi for networked games

If you want to play with a neighbor or friend whose house is near you; These methods can solve your problems. It doesn’t matter if you want to run a fast shooter like Doom 3 or a strategic effect like Civilization 6; If your goal is to play an online multiplayer game with friends, then they should have access to the game server.

This server can be a rental server on the Internet or a computer on your network. If the second option is what you want, then your friends should have access to that computer.

They can come to your home with a computer or laptop and connect to your computer, but if for any reason this is not possible (especially during the coronavirus outbreak ); There is another way: connecting to a local area network with wireless internet, which is undoubtedly a good way to play online games.

– Set up wireless network for friends

Set up WiFi for networked games

If a game server is connected to your router, then the conditions are right. Now you need to configure your wireless network, and simply connecting your friends to your modem with a password will not be enough. First you need to create a guest network (Guest Network) and then make sure that the modem is in the right position and condition.

Remember that this has nothing to do with your main internet connection and will be on a separate network. So set up a guest network so that even those who have a password can not access your Internet without permission. Maybe you have a data server, or even a simpler thing, a smartphone with different private content, instead of opening the back door to the whole network, you create a new network for guests and eliminate these potential security problems altogether .

Not to mention that not all modems support the secondary network; So first read the details of your modem to determine if it can run a parallel wireless network. It is also a good idea to use the 2.4 GHz option, it may be slower than 5 GHz but it has a higher range and is ideal for connecting relatives.

Give this network a proper name and give the password of this guest network to friends and neighbors instead of the main network password.

– Find the right position for the modem

The location of neighbors and friends determines how successful they are in accessing this local network. You can make this a little better.

First, find a hub in your home between friends’ homes or apartments so that all modems can receive the best signal from your device. Place the wireless modem at this center point and place the antennas in different directions, of course, away from the walls so that nothing can stop it. Then tell your friends to turn off the computers that are going to be connected to your local network and then check the signal strength.

– The signal is weak. How can we improve it?

Sometimes the modem is in a good position and all the players are connected to it, but the signal is weak. There are several ways to improve the signal. The best way may be to use a Wi-Fi signal booster, sometimes it is even better to use two.

Set up WiFi for networked games

Your goal is to let everyone play at the same speed, not let one player get in trouble at 50 Mbps and another get 300 Mbps. This problem can be easily solved by setting a suitable initial speed. Of course, do not forget that old computers may have problems with this, and if it turns out that one of your friends’s log problems are due to his old system, you should suggest that you upgrade his hardware.

– Finding the right games

Set up WiFi for networked games

There are many games that have online or offline multiplayer sections. If you want to set up Wi-Fi for online games, you need to know where to find the right games. You must also have or find a game server. Below are the names of some Len games that you can try out:

– Slapshot Game
– HYPERCHARGE Game: Unboxed
– Command & Conquer
Game – Din’s Legacy
Game – Dead by Daylight
Game – DiRT Rally
– Bombernauts Game – Torchlight II
Game – Golf With Your Friends
Game – Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Game – Duke Game Nukem 3D
– Killing Floor 2
Game – HELLDIVERS بازی Dive Harder
Game – Company of Heroes 2 Game

– Connect with your friends

Set up WiFi for networked games

Playing multiplayer games is fun, but if you can not talk to them, you will feel like you are playing single player game. There are many good voice chat software out there right now, but the most popular is Discord, which lets you have your own dedicated server. In addition to PCs, Discord can also be installed on Android and iOS. You can also use the SteamChat mobile software , which is only accessible through smartphones . If your friend lives right in the apartment opposite, you can open the window and shout his name.

Do not forget to deactivate the network after the game; Unless your friends want to keep playing after you leave. It is also recommended that you change the password each time and always update the server to avoid problems.

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If you want to play with more people or with people who are not necessarily close to where you live, use the Remote Play Together feature of the Steam platform, which allows you to easily play with friends without having to They must have bought a copy of the game. Remote play capability is also possible online.

If you have any questions or concerns about setting up Wi-Fi for networked games, let us know.


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