Wildlife Simulator Shark 1.0 for Android +2.0.1

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 Features of Wildlife Simulator Shark:

  • REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You need to stay healthy and quench your hunger and thirst and energy to survive in this wild environment.
  • EPIC BATTLES –  Use powerful and fast jaws to catch delicious fish and fight dangerous animals
  • START A SCHOOL OF SHARKS –  find a wife for links with  the and  and  enhance the  reputation of  the family itself among the  sharks for help to you  to  hunt. Watch your babies in control and watch them grow and fight alongside you.    
  • LEVEL UP YOUR SHARKS – gain  experience by defeating animals other  growth and development and  enhance the credibility of  the name of their own to improve health and get the shell     Shark in the new
  • NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Easy game control will give you a unique experience.
  • HD GRAPHICS – High quality HD graphics for designing environments and animals
  • GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – Receive game updates for free without any ads or fees

Download Wildlife Simulator Shark 1.0

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