WinEdt 11.0 Build 20220524 x64 / 10.3 x86

WinEdt 11.0 Build 20220524 x64 / 10.3 x86


WinEdt is the name of a very powerful and versatile editor for the Windows operating system that was created specifically for creating and editing Latex documentsBy default, this program includes compilers and interpreters for languages such as HTML, NSIS, and TexThe software also has a grammar recognition system for many programming languages and also has the ability to customize and add custom grammar.

This editor is designed to be integrated and all-purpose by defaultbut it has a special configuration for working with the Tex system and its software such as MiKTeX or Tex Live. Although it does not yet fully support all of   Tex’s capabilitiesit does help users by providing appropriate references as well as an active forum and forumAlso this app automatically _ Compiles Tex files and displays the output.

Other strengths include Unicode support as well as the ability to run on large screensThere are also many shortcuts defined in this software that will help speed up users. In addition, it is possible to define macros. It is noteworthy that the WinEdt programming team is very active and offers many useful modules to users every month.


Features of WinEdt:

  • Excellent support for Latex
  • Ability to build word history and fast and automated indexing based on Tex
  • Full support for Unicode and right-to-left languages
  • Auto-complete system
  • Automatic detection of Tex compiler
  • Provides 32-bit and 64-bit separate versions
  • Support team and active programmer
  • Provide advanced macros

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required system

Ram: 768 Mb

CPU: 2.1 GHz or above

Tex Engine (optional)




Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Note: Enter the activation name in full (with an * (), etc.)

Version 11.0 was installed on 5 June 1401 and version 10.3 on 3 April 1400 in Windows 10 64-bit version and – as shown in the picture – was successfully activated.

download link

Download WinEdt 11.0 Build 20220524 x64
Download WinEdt 10.3 Build 20180507 x86
Download WinEdt 10.3 Build 20180507 x64 Portable
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