WinLicense x86 / x64

WinLicense x86 / x64

WinLicense combines the level of protection as a licensing control with powerful technology and flexibility, allowing developers to protect trial and registration applications. WinLicense is a powerful protection system designed for software developers who want to protect their applications against advanced reverse engineering and software cracking. Developers do not need to change source code or programming experience to protect their applications with Winlicense. The software uses SecureEngine® protection technology, which is able to execute code at the highest level of priority for the implementation of never-before-seen protection techniques, which protects any application at the highest level of security.

Features of WinLicense:

  • Multi-level encryption to protect code and data in the software
  • Advanced detection of crack tools
  • Authenticate executable code, data and API in the software to prevent any possible reconstruction of the original program
  • Protection against all disassembler and debuggers
  • Advanced technologies that prevent the release of memory to disk.
  • Customizable protection options
  • Different encryption algorithms and keys are protected in each application
  • Advanced Mutator Engine
  • SDK communications with the protective layer
  • Anti-disassembly techniques for each static and interactive assembler
  • Full support for .NET SDK
  • Easy support for creating licensing systems via web server
  • Independent password protection for both trial and registered versions

Installation guide

Version 2.4:

It is cracked.

Version 2.3:

The 32-bit version is a cracked and ripped version. To run, click Run_DownLoadLy.exe after extraction.

In the case of the 64-bit version, patch the main executable file of the program (64-bit version) using the Patch file in the Crack folder, and then run the program.

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Download Winlicense x86

Download Winlicense x64

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