WinSim DESIGN II 15.15 + Documents

WinSim DESIGN II 15.15 + Documents

DESIGN II is a product of WinSim, a dynamic process simulation software, developed since 1995 when the company acquired the software from ChemShare. WinSim DESIGN II software has more than 2000 active users worldwide. The company is located outside of Houston, Texas.

Simulation of precise processes for chemical and hydrocarbon processes including refining, petrochemicals, refrigeration, pipeline gas refining, fuel cells, ammonia, methanol, sulfur and hydrogen facilities.

Features and specifications of WinSim DESIGN II software:

  • Simulation of chemical processes
  • Hydrocarbon process simulation
  • More than 60 thermodynamic methods and 1200 databases
  • Three-phase thermodynamic calculations (steam, liquid hydrocarbon and liquid water)
  • Microsoft Excel self-service output
  • Visual basic and Visual c ++ interface
  • Add equipment by user
  • FORTRAN inline feature
  • Process optimization
  • ChemTran module
  • Calibration separator
  • Heating / Cooling Curve
  • Pressure drop tables
  • Heat transfer to the surroundings
  • Column calculations
  • Specific thermodynamic unit module
  • Polytropic compressor analysis
  • 300 sheet flow examples
  • Input and output control unit
  • Thermodynamic properties
  • Transport properties
  • Crude Library (38 world crude oil )
  • Calling Visual Basic and Visual C ++
  • Automatic recycling analysis and advanced convergence recycling
  • Reverse Recycling Calculations, Critical Properties Calculation, 300 Examples as Flow, Depressurizer Analysis
  • Raw data testing

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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