WINSOFT Camera for Android / FireMonkey / iOS / macOS Delphi7-D10.3 2019-5

WINSOFT Camera for Android / FireMonkey / iOS / macOS Delphi7-D10.3 2019-5

Winsoft Camera is a component of Delphi Camera and C ++ Builder for Windows .

Camera for Android: Uses Android Camera API, Available for Delphi / C ++ Builder XE5 – 10.2, Source code available in registered version, Free distribution in built-in apps

Camera for FireMonkey: FireMonkey component for C ++ Builder and Delphi for Windows, using DirectShow 9, available for Delphi / C ++ Builder XE2 – 10.2 FireMonkey applications, support for 32/64 bit Windows, source code available in registered version Is

Delphi camera component for macOS: Delphi camera component for Mac, using the AVFoundation framework, available for Delphi XE8 – 10.2

Delphi camera component for iOS: Delphi camera component for iOS , use of AVFoundation framework, video preview support, support for local barcode recognition (EAN, QR Code, Data Matrix Aztec, UPC-E, PDF417, ITF 14, etc.), Native face recognition support, available for Delphi XE8 – 10.2, source code is available in the registered version, free distribution in built-in applications

Features and characteristics of Winsoft Camera component:

  • Use the DirectShow 9 api
  • Available for Delphi / C ++ Builder 7 – 10.2 and Lazarus 1.6.4
  • Comes with full source code
  • Published for various editions of Delphi Rad studio, Firemanki, Android and iOS
  • Free in-app distribution

Installation guide

The cracks of each version are located in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Winsoft Camera 2.2 for Delphi 7-XE10.3 Rio Cracked

Download Winsoft Camera_for Android 3.5 Delphi XE5 – 10.3 Cracked

Download WINSOFT Camera_for Android 2.4 for DXE5-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT Camera_for FireMonkey 1.5 for DXE2-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT Camera_for iOS 1.0 for DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT Camera_for macOS 1.0 for DXE7-DXE8 D10-D10.2

Download WINSOFT Camera_1.5 for D2009-D2010 DXE-DXE8 D10-D10.2

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