WINSOFT DAO Database Collection 5.6 for D10.2

WINSOFT DAO Database Collection 5.6 for D10.2

Winsoft DAO Database Collection is a component for accessing Access databases in Delphi and Borland C ++. Delphi programmers can access the Microsoft Access database directly and directly through DAO and ACEDAO without the use of a BDE engine. Because DAO or Data Access Objects are much faster than older technologies, using this component in Delphi applications will speed up their performance.

This component fully supports DAO 3.5 and 3.6 versions and you will not need a BDE engine to use it, so in addition to high access speed, your program will also have good independence. One of the important issues not only about this component but also about all the components offered is their compatibility with the old components. This is especially important in older applications where you now want to update their code. Because the incompatibility of new components means rewriting much of the old code, this often discourages developers from doing so.

We promise that using this component will not be incompatible with your previous components. This component can be used peacefully with your old code. Using this component is very simple and familiarity with the methods and functions available at that time will not be necessary. This product is currently available for Delphi, C ++ Builder 5-10 as well as Lazarus 1.6. We recommend that you do not forget to use this component if you are a Delphi programmer or C ++ Builder and you need to connect to Access databases in parts of your program.

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