Wisej Framework 2.5.21

Wisej Framework 2.5.21


Wisej is a programming framework for complex web applications in the fastest possible time. The software supports various languages ​​such as CSS, Javascript, and, which can be used to create custom styles for the software that is being developed.

While you can develop your own software without paying attention to Html or other source code. According to wisej developers, it is possible to build a simple web application in just 25 seconds! It is possible to manage web applications with this software and you can edit or develop various applications with this software. There are many different effects and eds with which you can give special effects and styles to your software.

For example, make sure that when a user clicks on a part of your web application, that part starts spinning or the animation you want is executed. It is possible to create different pages and you can easily add C # / VB.NET code in your software source code to add the desired features. The software made by wisej is compatible with cloud spaces by default and without additional coding, and it is possible to communicate between the cloud space and your application in the shortest possible time.

Features of WiseJ programming environment:

  • Support for various programming languages
  • Very high speed in building web applications
  • CSS support for styling
  • Support for cloud spaces

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Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Wisej 2.5.21
Download Wisej 2.5.16
Download Wi sej 2.2.50
Download Wi sej 2.2.43
Download Wi sej 2.2.24
Download Wi sej_2.2.9
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