With the departure of LG from the mobile market, what will happen to the update of phones?

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The Korean company LG is no longer going to operate in the mobile market. Now a question arises; With the departure of LG from the mobile market, what will happen to the update of phones?

As you know, the news of LG ‘s exit from the smartphone market was announced yesterday . This is sad news for LG users right now, as their devices will probably no longer be supported. The Korean company itself has a different opinion. In the official statement of LG yesterday, the following items have been assured to the users:

LG will support its devices for a while. In addition, software updates will be released to users and only the release time will vary depending on the region. LG is also set to work with suppliers and business partners after the closure of the mobile division.

Unfortunately, the message that LG has released is very vague; Not only did it not specify the exact time for support to continue, it also did not name the devices receiving the updates. In general, however, it can be assumed that the company’s latest flagship smartphones will receive an update of up to two years.LG is leaving the mobile market

Before the announcement of LG’s withdrawal from the mobile market, devices were supposed to receive a new update this month, and this issue will probably not change. According to LG Germany , the LG Velvet, LG G8X, LG K52 and K42 and the LG Wing will be among the devices that will receive the Android 11 update by the end of this year.

Even the G7 One, which was introduced by LG in 2018, received this update a few days ago. So we should expect the phones mentioned above to receive this update soon.


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