Woll2Woll FirePower

Woll2Woll FirePower is a rich set of Firemankey graphical controls that Delphi programmers can use to increase speed, flexibility, and improve the interface design of their applications. Firemanki is a very rich and flexible library of graphical controls through which Delphi programmers can cod their application for different platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Windows desktop, Android phones, tablets, MacBook.

But maximizing the advantage of flexibility and other quality factors of this library requires high technical ability and experience. Unlike VCL, where graphical user interface design has certain frameworks and limitations, there are almost no restrictions in Firemanki, and you can implement any type of graphical interface, even those you see in computer games, but instead this high flexibility is sometimes troublesome. It will take a lot of energy, especially for novice users, and most of the time, due to the complexity of its learning curve, many users will be impatient and give it a go, going back to the VCL era.

In addition to the problem of learning and high flexibility, establishing program performance like VCL is not easy here and in many cases creating a balance between the beauty and efficiency of the program becomes a problem. But do not despair, Woll2Woll has solved many of these problems with Firepower. The company’s expert programmers with sufficient knowledge of VCL performance issues and user interface design knowledge in the framework of Firemanki have provided products that provide firemanki graphics power and former VCL performance in the form of widely used and consumable controls for programmers. Just like VCL controls, you can use a wide range of Firepower controllers in your applications without worrying about their performance.

Features and Features of Woll2Woll FirePower Component:

  • A wide range of high-consumption and practical counters
  • Combining firemank power and VCL performance in the provided controls
  • Easy coding and complete documentation of the provided controls along with numerous examples
  • No need for older VCL controls (while still able to use them)

Installation guide

Published copies are usually complete or cracked.

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Download Woll2Woll FirePower for RAD Studio Rio Update 2 Source Code

Download Woll2Woll FirePower 12.0.5 for RAD Studio Rio Update 2 Source Code

Download Woll2Woll FirePower 10.2.12 for Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo

Download Woll2Woll FirePower 10.2.12 for Delphi 10.1 Berlin

Download FirePower FMX for Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin Retail

Download Woll2woll FirePower for DX10 Seattle

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