Working with React and Go (Golang) 2021-6 Free Course

Working with React and Go (Golang) 2021-6 Free Course


Working with React and Go (Golang) is a training course on building a one-page application using React with data provided by Back and Go. Reaction and Go are a wonderful combination; Because React is one of the most popular JavaScript language libraries in the world for building single-page programs, the Go programming language is uniquely used to build backends and REST.

In this course, you will learn the basics of React including the React life cycle, components, functional components, props, status, and more. We also cover how to call a remote API. At the beginning of this course, we will build a program using React components and after that, we will rebuild the whole program with the help of functions and hooks.

What you will learn in the Working with React and Go (Golang) course:

  • Build amazing one-page apps using React JS
  • Build reusable components in React
  • Build a REST API in Go that can handle JSON requests.
  • Build a Go language API to manage GraphQL requests

Course specifications

Language: English
Level: Medium
Courses: 116
Duration: 11 hours and 52 minutes


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Working with React and Go (Golang) 2021-7 course topics:



Course prerequisites:

Basic knowledge of the Go programming language
Basic knowledge of Javascript
Basic knowledge of HTML




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