Worksheet - Employee Creative Thinking

Worksheet – Employee Creative Thinking

Through this worksheet, we will try to understand how creative is the thinking of each employee.

  • Employee Name: ___________________________
  • Date: ___________________________
  • Position/Title: ___________________________
  • Supervisor Name: ___________________________
  • Business Name: ___________________________

Section 1: To Be Completed by the Employee

Imagine that you are working in your own office, minding your own business. That’s right – you have your own business and your own company. The name of the business starts with the name you wrote in the spot beside “Employee Name.”

As with any other business, your business will also have a customer. In your case, your business will have one customer: Your Employer.

Your top priority customer is your employer. He is your supervisor and also your customer. Now, as a business house, here is what you can offer your customer for sale −

  • Your Energy
  • Your Ideas
  • Your Creativity
  • Your Talents
  • Your Labor
  • Your Time

Your employer — who is also your customer — has already made it clear that he is interested to purchase labor, talents and all you have on offer. That is why your employer, your customer, has decided to buy these services and hence, he is paying you your salary.

To get a higher valuation of the services you provide, you want your customer to be impressed by the quality of your goods and the value addition these goods bring in his life.

Your customer is also willing to pay more if he feels that the goods you are selling have increased in value or has become more valuable to him in the process, so that he can keep himself more profitable.

Keeping this scenario in mind

  • How do you plan to increase the value of labor you’re offering to your customer?
  • What can you do, so that the customer will agree to pay more for your labor?
  • How can you help increase the profitability of the business?
  • How can you improve the efficiency of your output?
  • What can you add to your current set of skills?


List down all the things that make you valuable at your work. Think in terms of energy, ideas, and creativity. If these are your valuable assets, then what can you do to increase their value? Write from the perspective of a business owner and explain how you plan to increase the value of your services.








Section 2: To Be Completed by the Supervisor

Your employees are the most significant assets that you have invested in your business. Just as any team is as good as its teammates, any business is only as good as its employees. Imagine a situation when your employees take the effort to increase their productivity and efficiency, so that they can add value to their business. If they manage to be successful, they will bring more profit to their business.

Your employees have given a list of ideas to you on how to improve their performances. Please read them carefully and provide a healthy critique of the ideas, which will work and which of them won’t. The brainstorming of these ideas with your employees may trigger some creative thoughts in your mind as well, so try to find a strategy in which these ideas can be exchanged and responded to.

Please include an explanation on which of the ideas mentioned by the employees are feasible and logistically possible. You may add a few notes explaining how the ideas that work will increase productivity and suggest some changes from your experience, so that the value addition of the employees is maximum.