WPCubed WPViewPDF VCL / .NET / ActiveX

WPCubed WPViewPDF VCL / .NET / ActiveX

WPViewPDF is a  control for displaying and printing PDF files in Delphi languages ​​as well as the .NET platform. This control has high power in displaying PDF documents. All you have to do is put it on the desired form in your program and add the ability to display and print pdf files to your program by setting the properties correctly and a little coding without the slightest error. This control is used as a VCL component in Delphi and can also be used as an ActiveX in the .NET environment.

It does not matter if the PDF documents are in memory, input streams or in pdf files, this control has a good response for all these modes. In addition to displaying PDF files, it is possible to combine these files, extract specific pages from the document, and add vector images and graphic texts to these documents. One of the interesting points of this product is the ability to open and display large files. Many libraries and other products work well as long as the input file is not large, but as the size of the document increases, users will encounter many errors that are usually given to the product in these circumstances.

But according to the developer of this component, WPViewPDF, there is no such problem and high-volume documents will be easily opened in the program. Another highlight of this component is its coding in the Window class, which gives programmers the power to more easily use the library’s ability to integrate with the original code in visual applications. Along with this component, several documents and examples are provided for both .NET and VCL versions, and by looking at them, you will quickly get acquainted with the functionality of the product.

Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to be 32-bit and 64-bit in the program installation location.

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Download WPCubed_WPViewPDF 4.6.3

Download WPViewPDF 3.24 VCL .NET ActiveX

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