X-Files Components 6.7 for D7-XE10.2 Full Source

X-Files Components 6.7 for D7-XE10.2 Full Source

X-Files Components includes a complete set of Visual Components for Delphi . The X-DBGrid package includes a number of components necessary for database developers. This package is the main component of the X-Files component. X-DBData is another package that is offered for direct use of data structures indexed using the dbware component and especially with the TXDBGrid component. The X-DBData component package includes a set of custom datasets and data providers for use with common and classical data structures such as database tables. You do not need other packages to use this component, but you must have X-DBGrid or the X-Files component installed to compile the demo.

TXDBGrid is another powerful component that has developed the standard features of the TDBGrid component. This component is much more beautiful and more features such as: fixed columns, fixed styles (flat or three-dimensional), Windows XP theme, a large number of gradients, scrolling flat and three-dimensional loads, scrolling for any type of datacite, even those that are filtered, titles Expandable Columns, Checkboxes, Buttons, Titles, and Images, Using In-Cell Images, Title Highlights, Multi-Column Sorting, Optimized Search Lists, Drop-Down Lists, Calculator, Calendar, Storage, and Loading August columns (inside ini, registry, data stream or string files), good support for BiDiMode right to left, multiple line selection, notifications, automatic numbering, multi-line rows, help text and many more tools Is.

Features of X-Files Components:

  • Extensive facilities for grouping and sorting data
  • Ability to use checkboxes in columns
  • Different styles for tables
  • Save column layouts inside ini, registry, stream or string files
  • Ability to highlight part of the text
  • Ability to use images

Installation guide

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