X1 Search 2018 v8.6 6003ch x64

X1 Search is the name of an application software for managing your documents and emails. With the help of this software, you will be able to find all your documents and emails in a fraction of a second according to the tools in this software. This software is also the fastest and of course the easiest way to find information and work on it. Give any software or documents that you think you can no longer find to this software.

X1 Search software, due to its extremely fast access to your documents and emails, provides you with documents and information of previous years that you may not be able to find and access with just a few simple clicks . The very high performance and efficiency of this software along with having useful tools for advanced search has been a factor so that users can easily use this software to find the information they need.

Features and Features of X1 Search

  • Very simple and easy installation
  • Needs minimal maintenance and repair
  • This software is considered as the fastest data search tool
  • Allows you to access important files and documents
  • Ability to search seamlessly across multiple types of data
  • Take advantage of preview tools for up to 500 files
  • Ability to search for keywords and Boolean
  • Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Search
  • Very comprehensive search on your email

Installation guide

Read the Serial.txt horoscope.

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