XAML Spy 3.0.2

XAML Spy 3.0.2

Time Ran a visual XAML Spy Aynspktvr for Android, iOS and Windows are unparalleled access to all aspects of any program running shows. Tree interaction, data mining, file system discovery, stunning effects creation and much more. With XAML Spy you will learn about the visual and non-visual behavior of your program at runtime. XAML Spy is available as a Windows desktop application and as a Visual Studio plugin. XAML Spy in Visual Studio allows you to inspect at runtime without having to leave Visual Studio.

Features and facilities:

  • Real-time display of program mode (Real time), review and modify the properties of each element and immediately see changes during program execution
  • Browse files in separate storage space, access tree UI automation
  • Full support for Xamarin Android, iOS and Windows, helping you to quickly release the app in the market
  • Remote debugging, Search, Go to source, View and edit properties, XAML extraction, Open and edit file, Visualizer

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt‌ file in the Crack folder.

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