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Xara Designer
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Xara Designer Pro is software for easy website design. Without the need for web programming knowledge, without HTML skills based on ready-made and predefined templates and elements, this program gives complete freedom to novice users to design and publish their desired website in the shortest time. This program is available in two versions, regular and premium, and we have provided the full version, ie premium, for you. This version has all the features that we have mentioned in the features section.

Features and specifications of Xara Designer Pro software:

  •  Easy to use and high speed in site design
  • Having all the necessary facilities for site design
  • Complete freedom in design, based on drag drop
  • WYSIWYG means that everything you see will be the final output of the work
  • High quality assurance and compliance with modern standards
  • Compatibility with a variety of browsers
  • Suitable design for mobile devices
  • Plenty of ready-made molds
  • Cloud capabilities for website testing
  • Various widgets to add to the website such as YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook, Flickr and…
  • Ability to add video, song, pdf and…
  • Publish a website with one click on a free 500 MB host
  • Search Engine Optimization – Implement SEO techniques to improve your site ranking in search engines
  • Responsive design that has the best display in different screens
  • Ability to make different custom templates
  • Ability to quickly prototype the website before its detailed and detailed design
  • Different animations and effects for different parts of the design
  • Support for flash and gif animations
  • Advanced graphics capabilities to change the graphics of various elements
  • And …

According to this link, the introduced version is the most complete version of Xara products and includes all the features of the other products of this company, namely Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium, and Page & Layout Designer.

required system

Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
minimum 500 MB RAM
minimum 300 MB hard disk space.
Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer. 


Xara Designer

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Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Xara Designer Pro Plus x64
Download Xara_Designer Pro Plus x64 Portable
Download Xara Designer Pro X x64
Download Xara Designer Pro X x64 Portable
Download Xara Designer Pro X x86
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