Xeam Visual Installer 18.5

Xeam Visual Installer 18.5

Xeam Visual Installer brings the latest installation technology to you and your customers.

Features of Xeam Visual Installer

  • Experience installing the program by installing the next generation with a WPF-based animated user interface
  • High level customization capability
  • Based on WiX Toolset technology
  • No need to change your existing MSI. Visual Installer is a bootstrap built on top of this
  • Integrated in Visual Studio
  • Provides an end user that you cannot access using standard installers such as Install Shield
  • Ability to use the software easily: Add existing MSI or settings -> Configure settings -> Final output!
  • Create an installation program in minutes!
  • Having an extended user interface. Help for the end user managing IIS settings and system checks

Version 17.12 changes:

Minor bug fixes in feature selection

  • Silent install jumps over feature page selection by acceppting defaults.
  • Root node in feature selection tree is hidden, when only one package is defined.

Provide Xeam Visual Installer software in four levels 

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Source

Installation guide

To install the program, it is enough to read the relevant code from the available files in accordance with one of the requested levels and then enter it in the software. Available files are placed for three levels Bronze, Silver and Platinum.

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