XENIA Xe XPG Ultrabook was introduced

XENIA Xe XPG Ultrabook was introduced

The XENIA Xe Ultrabook has been officially unveiled. This product, developed in collaboration with Intel and ADATA, could be a new definition of the word quality.

Speed ​​and power are the most important features needed for a professional ultrabook, and if you want to fit them into a laptop bed, you need features like battery management, lightweight and attractive design, along with a quality display and professional audio system. Season it; These are all features that come together in one ADATA XPG XENIA Xe laptop .

XPG, which is an attractive sub-brand of ADATA, is a brand for offering products in all products; Products such as accessories for home systems, gaming, professional e-sports equipment and all people interested in the world of technology.

Introduction of XENIA Xe Ultrabook

A year after the release of the Xenia XPG gaming laptop, the brand has just introduced a professional ultrabook called the XENIA Xe, which is a special and versatile laptop with a 15.6-inch display and Intel EVO standard. .


At first glance, the XENIA Xe XPG draws more attention than anything else to its sleek, modern body design. The body is made of precision coated aluminum metal with CNC machines and weighs only 14.9 mm thick and weighs 1.65 kg.

In terms of processing, ADATA will use an 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7 processor, and for its graphics part, a powerful and low-consumption Intel Iris Xe graphics card has been used. The display of this laptop is a Full HD IPS panel (with a very low margin of 4.9 mm and a screen-to-body ratio of 87%) on which a touch-sensitive layer is placed, using a dedicated PCIe Gen 4 port of an SSD. Uses with high speed M.2 interface.

In this regard, Mr. Alex Yin, General Manager of XPG brand, says:

We are very excited to introduce the XPG XENIA Xe to our customer base as we deliver on our commitment to deliver superior, high quality products with the launch of this ultrabook. The XPG XENIA Xe laptop is an ideal example for those looking for new and advanced Intel technologies.

Mr. Yin also talked about this laptop, pointing to the appropriate and flexible design style of this laptop for use in different situations, and believes that using simple design ideas that have been implemented with high quality can provide strength and power. Sufficient for everyday applications such as games and easy content production and many other scenarios, is the best option.


Collaboration between Intel and XPG to create a great product

The first XPG product in the group of ultra-light laptops is a product that offers an 11th generation Intel processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics and, of course, the best LPDDR4x memory at 4266 MHz to perform any multitasking operation with maximum efficiency and quality.

But perhaps more attractive than the above is the SSD with the standard 4th generation PCIe port, which provides twice the bandwidth of the port read-write operation compared to third-generation SSDs, and can deliver high quality gaming performance in a portable product. Flexible, display well.

Intel EVO platform to provide the maximum power required by the user

In addition to the above theoretical features, the XENIA Xe is a laptop that takes advantage of the Intel EVO platform. Simply put, this laptop provides the user with the most performance by managing everything that is needed at any time of the device. This managed performance enables battery life (73.41 watt hours) up to 16 hours in excellent performance.


It also supports 65-watt fast charging system, the ability to log in and use Windows in one second, the Thunderbolt 4 port is very fast, Wi-Fi version 6 thanks to the Intel chip, quality touch screen with high-clarity speakers, microphone with The ability to receive sounds from a distance, as well as the webcam with infrared lights to provide a brighter and better image in dark environments, is one of the features that make the XPG XENIA Xe a unique product.

Finally, the XPG XENIA Xe should be described as a product to define the term “quality” in all angles, combined with light weight, slim design and high performance.

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