XnView 2.50.4 Complete / XnViewMP 1.00.0 / macOS 0.99.6 + Shell Extension

XnView 2.50.4 Complete / XnViewMP 1.00.0 / macOS 0.99.6 + Shell Extension


XnView, Usually, when looking for image management software, the first option that comes to mind is the ACDSee program, which is the most popular software for this. Xn view is another program that has all the features of ACDSee at the same time as speed and simplicity, and in some cases, it works even better. XnSoft has also introduced another software called XnViewMP as an optimized version of Xn View with full support for the Unicode standard as well as full compatibility with 64-bit versions of the operating system.

Features and specifications of XnView and XnViewMP software:

– Very fast, simple, and compact

– Support for displaying more than 500 and saving 70 graphic formats ( full list )

– Types of image display modes according to user needs

– Perform the required types of edits on images

– Convert all types of formats to each other

– Display a variety of video and archive formats

– Build SlideShow from images

– Ability to find duplicate images

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Tips for XnView and Xn ViewMP programs:

XnViewMP software is available for Linux and Mac operating systems in addition to Windows, we only install the Windows version.

required system

Windows XP • Windows XP 64 bit • Windows Vista • Windows Vista 64 bit • Windows 7 • Windows 7 64 bit • Windows 8 • Windows 8 64 bit • Windows 10 • Windows 10 64 bit




Installation guide

Install and run the program. From the Info menu, click on Registration and use the Keygen in the Crack folder to register with the desired name.

download link

Xn ViewMP

Download XnViewMP_1.00.0 Multilingual x86
Download Xn ViewMP_1.00.0 Multilingual x64
Download Xn ViewMP_0.98 Portable
Download Xn ViewMP_0.96.4 Multilingual x64 Portable
Download Xn ViewMP 0.99.6 Commercial macOS

XnView Complete

Download Xn View_2.50.4 Complete Multilingual
Download Xn View_2.49.4 Complete Multilingual Portable

Xn View Shell Extension

Download Xn View_Shell Extension 4.1.5 Multilingual x86
Download Xn View_Shell Extension 4.1.5 Multilingual x64
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