Xojo 2018 Release 1.1 R3 Windows / 2021r2.1 v21.2.1 macOS

Xojo 2018 Release 1.1 R3 Windows / 2021r2.1 v21.2.1 macOS


Xojo is a powerful application for building and developing mobile applications. With this program, you will be able to create powerful, creative, and native mobile, web and desktop applications. Rapid developmentEasy deploymentCreating cross-platform programs, native desktop, web, and iOS are all using Xojo is possible.

Features and specifications of Xojo software:

  • With support built-in for video servers, database protocols of the Internet, and moreyou can do anything that you can imagine with Xojo’s own. With this program, you can create business programs, educational programs, and…
  • You can use set of source codes provided for you with support for multiple operating systemsAnd more than 40 control of the software out there that can use them.
  • LightSpeed One of BC‘s Fully integrated and managed it from the point of sale and retail is.

To view all features Xojo to here, see.

required system

Windows Vista or later (x86 or x64)
At least 2 GB RAM
PDF Viewer for documentation
Internet Explorer 8 or later




Installation guide

After installing, copy the file in the Crack folder to the program installation location.

download link

Download Xojo 2021r2.1 v21.2.1.53890 macOS
Download Xojo 2020 Release 2.1 macOS
Download Xojo_2018 Release 1.1 v18.1.1.40922
Download Xojo_2017 R3 for Windows
Download Xojo_2016r1.1
Download Xojo_2017r3 v17.3.0.39152 MacOSX
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