YouWave for Android Premium 5.11 Multilingual

The experience of working with Android applications on a computer is very sweet and pleasant. YouWave for Android is an Android application simulator software that you will be able to run Android applications easily and in the shortest time under this simulator. You will not need to install JDK or Android SDK to run YouWave for Android and all applications will be easily installed and run on it.

Although this simulator may not be able to compete with other competitors in terms of features, but due to its infancy, it has a good speed and has received good feedback from users. The biggest drawback of YouWave for Android is its incomplete translation, which confuses many users.

Before installing YouWave for Android, it should be noted that if you have already installed VirtualBox software on your system, you must first remove it.

Features and capabilities of YouWave for Android Premium:

  • Runs on all operating systems (from Windows XP to Windows 10)
  • Full simulation of android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Memory card simulation and in-game storage option enabled
  • Support for multiplayer online games
  • Ability to rotate the page
  • Volume control buttons
  • Access folders inside Windows
  • Google In-App Payment Support (Google Wallet)
  • Support for Drag & Drop capability to install software

Some weaknesses of YouWave for Android Premium:

  • Lack of support for some software and games, especially if you need phone sensors
  • Poor translation
  • Program instability