YuNetsurf 3.2.0 for D6-XE10.2

YuNetsurf 3.2.0 for D6-XE10.2

YuNetsurf is a valuable library for analyzing and extracting information from html and CSS files for Delphi programmers. This program parses any type of html file, even incomplete and corrupted ones, the events in the document tags are displayed in a style similar to SAX syntax. The structure of the DOM or Document Object Model is displayed in a very complete and accurate way. Using YuNetsurf you can apply css rules to the dom elements of the document.

All css2 and css3 selectors are supported. Using this library you can easily extract various information including elements in Html documents, css selectors, properties and specifications of various tags. You can extract tags of the same category or in the hierarchy of parent-child tags. Also, with the help of this tool, you can add, edit or delete new attributes to the desired elements.

You can even change and control the content inside the tags. You can hide pieces of code or fragments. Define custom styles for elements in the document that actually override previous styles. Also, if you are writing a crawler or a tool for extracting information from the web, with the help of this library, you can download html documents along with the related css file in full. This library is currently available in Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland environments.

Installation guide

After installation, copy the files in the Crack‌ folder to the version in the program installation path.

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