Z590 series motherboards were introduced by Asus

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To take full advantage of the power of the 11th generation of Intel chipsets, Asus introduced the Z590 series motherboards with more power than ever in four different series.


Asus, the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer, recently introduced its Z590 series motherboards. With the new Intel Z590 chipset, these motherboards are ready to host and extract all the power of the 11th generation of Intel processors.

This generation of Asus motherboards was introduced in the ROG Maximus XIII categories for maximum power with unparalleled features, the ROG STRIX series for ultimate power experience, the durable TUF Gaming series and the Prime series. These motherboards are designed to experience the full power of Intel’s 11th generation processors with enhanced power supplies.

The fastest connections are also included with the new Asus motherboards, such as the M.2 slot, the USB 3.2 Gen2X2 Type-C port, the Ethernet port with a maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbps, and the WiFi6 E network.

But what has been mentioned so far is only a small part of the most powerful motherboards of the Z590 platform made by Asus.

Introducing Z590 series motherboards

ROG Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard, an unrivaled warrior

Z590 series motherboards

The motherboards introduced by Asus under the Extreme model always have features that attract all the enthusiasts in the field of digital hardware.

The Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard is the thirteenth gladiator in this family, which is ready to overclock with the new Z590 chipset and unparalleled power of 11th generation processors. This motherboard has more heatsinks and also larger than the previous generation, has the ability to keep all the important components of any system cool.

ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial motherboard, a different experience with liquid cooling systems

Z590This motherboard, equipped to Asus, has a very special and modern look, and is also ready to offer the utmost efficiency and power by having the highest quality and most powerful parts. By default, EK series fittings are installed on the integrated processor cooling and power supply circuit of this motherboard so that professionals can experience the utmost power and beauty with open loop systems. RGB lighting and fully customizable with a very powerful audio chip is another attractive feature of this motherboard.

ROG Maximus XIII Hero motherboard, a special and powerful weapon for the battlefield


The new high-speed Wi-Fi network with 6 GHz band is included with this powerful gaming motherboard. Special features of this motherboard include RGB lighting, powerful power supply circuit with efficient heatsinks to maintain temperature balance, use of quality and powerful components to accompany 11th generation Intel processors, various high-speed ports and ports, audio chip Powerful with similar performance to the professional external sound card and many other features of this motherboard, which is suitable for experiencing the ultimate power in the gaming world.

ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming motherboard


Asus ROG and ROG STRIX motherboards with Z590 chipset have the ability to extract all the power of new processors and in addition come with various game-specific features.

The first important point of these motherboards is the use of very powerful components with VRM circuit with remarkable ability; Because this series of motherboards are quite stable under heavy processing. The next item is the presence of a powerful audio codec with a personalized chip for Asus gaming motherboards called SupremeFx, which provides an excellent and clear audio experience to the consumer; In addition, the versatile and fast ports are another part of these new Asus motherboards.

Motherboard Prime Z590-A


Fully secure and stable application of new Asus technologies such as artificial intelligence is one of the basic features of these motherboards.

In terms of system performance, in addition to their high potential, durability and stability, these motherboards have the ability of intelligent and standard overclocking, which can be done with just one click. Ai Overclocking capability in this motherboard, due to the type of processor and the power of the cooling system with an overclock by artificial intelligence, significantly increases the efficiency and power of the system.

TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi motherboard

Z590 series motherboards

Asus TUF Gaming series motherboards have very durable and powerful components at a reasonable price. In this generation, the Asus TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi motherboard, like the previous generation, has high quality and durable elements, especially in the power supply circuit. This model also has the ability to provide a high-speed wireless network with the WiFi6 standard. Other Asus motherboards will also be available with the H570, H510 and B560 chipsets.

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