Zentimo xStorage Manager Free
Zentimo xStorage Manager

Zentimo xStorage Manager Free


Zentimo xStorage Manager: To prevent problems and crashes of USB sticks such as flash drives, hard drives, and…, you must disconnect them in the form of software before disconnecting the hardware, for which the Safely Remove Hardware tool is available by default in Windows. It may have happened by now that you want to unplug your USB storage and not use the standard Windows tool to unplug the software;

A common cause of this problem is that one or more Windows programs or services are involved with USB storage. At this time, Zentimo xStorage Manager software is Crystal Rich’s solution for freeing up USB storage. This software shows the user the programs that have made it impossible to disconnect and disconnect them by disabling them.

Features and specifications of Zentimo xStorage Manager software:

– Extremely practical possibility of reconnecting disconnected devices with one click (without the need to disconnect and reconnect the device to the computer)

– Support for devices with USB, SATA‌ , and Firewire ports

– Ability not to display unused devices

– Ability to set the shortcut key to perform disconnection or reconnection operations

– Full display of the name and icon associated with the connected device and the possibility of changing them as desired

– Full compatibility with TrueCrypt software for locking

– Ability to define specific operations at different times (for example, copy important files before disconnecting)


Zentimo xStorage Manager

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Zentimo xStorage Manager program tips:

– This software is always provided with a complete activation method and is installed and used by Danloli.

Crystal Rich also has another product called USB Safely Remove in this area, which is lower in terms of features than this program. See a comparison of the properties of the two software here.

– Sometimes this software may not be able to disconnect, there is a possibility of a virus as an infected file.

– If you do not want the specifications of each device to be saved in the program, in the settings window, disable the Save device properties onto all storage devices option.

required system

Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 2003
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP 32/64 bit



Installation guide

Install the program and after running and displaying the settings window, uncheck the Automatically check for updates option. Then use Keygen to register the program with the desired name.

download link

Download Zentimo_xStorage_Manager_2.4.2.1284_Multilingual
Download Zentimo_xStorage_Manager_2.3.2.1280_Multilingual_Portable
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