Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0 Build 1779 Technician Edition full

Zero Assumption Recovery is the name of the application software in the field of recovery and backup software. As it may happen to you, sometimes some documents are deleted without our consent or are removed from our system and access due to computer malfunction or attacks and viruses. The software in front of you has an efficient program and solutions for all the mentioned cases so that you can restore your lost documents and files. This software is very suitable for home users and small companies and can be effective.

Zero Assumption Recovery software has been released for all versions of the Windows operating system and is able to perform three main tasks: Image Recovery, Data Recovery for Windows and Linux, and RAID Recovery. Each of these three sections does related work that they do themselves. The creators of this software believe that this product is able to meet all its obligations and ultimately help the user. If you have lost important documents and are looking for a way to recover your data, this software can help you along the way.

Features and specifications of Zero Assumption Recovery program:

  • Working with this software is very simple and everyone can work with it
  • Very high speed in processing the information and data you need
  • Allows you to recover deleted files with a variety of solutions
  • Perform three main operations: Image Recovery, Data Recovery for Windows and Linux and RAID Recovery
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