zerotomastery - Rust Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide 2021-8
Rust Programming

zerotomastery – Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide 2021-8


Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide is a Rust programming course in which you will learn the right programming language from the ground up. You will also learn how to code and build real-world projects, and eventually be hired as a professional developer.

What you will learn in Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide:

  • Basic concepts of computer programming such as logic conditioning, loops, and data conversion
  • Read and write code for the Rust programming language
  • Use the right ecosystem for more effective application development
  • Basic computer science topics include computer memory, program logic, and simple data structures
  • Work with data types including structs, tuples, expressions, optional data, and more
  • Reliability of your application using automated testing
  • Full understanding of all the basic concepts of Rust programming language such as memory, variability, attributes, sections

Course details:

Publisher: zerotomastery
Instructors: Jayson Lennon
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 227
Duration: 24 hours and 20 minutes

Course topics:

Rust Fundamentals

Data Types
Control Flow with If
Setup Rust
Activity: Functions
Numeric Types & Basic Arithmetic
Activity: Basic Math

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Making Decisions with Rust

Control Flow: If & Else
Activity: Logic with If & Else
Activity: Logic with If & Else
Match Expression
Demo: Basic Match
Activity: Basic Match 1
Activity: Basic Match 2


The Loop Expression
Activity: Loops
The While Loop
Activity: While Loops

Working With Data

Demo: Enums
Activity: Enums
Demo: Structs
Activity: Structs
Demo: Tuples
Activity: Tuples
Demo: Expressions
Activity: Expressions

Rust’s Memory Model

Intermediate Memory Concepts
Demo: Ownership
Activity: Ownership

Data Collections

Implementing Functionality
Activity: Implementing Functionality
The Vector Data Structure
Vector Basics & For Loops
Activity: Vectors & For Loops
About Strings
Demo: Strings
Activity: Strings

Expanding Knowledge

Deriving Functionality
Type Annotations
Enums Revisited
Demo: Advanced Match
Activity: Advanced match
The Option Type
Demo: Option
Activity: Option
Generating Documentation
Standard Library API docs

Fallible Functions

Activity: Standard Library API docs
The Result Type
Demo: Result
Activity: Result
Activity: Result & The Question Mark Operator

Data Collection: HashMap

The HashMap Data Structure
Working With HashMaps
Activity: HashMap Basics

Easier Data Management

Basic Closures
Map Combinator
Activity: Map Combinator
Option Combinator Pattern
Activity: Option Combinators
Using Iterators
Activity: Using Iterators

Managing Code

Inline Modules
Activity: Inline Modules
Activity: Testing
External Crates
Activity: Adding an External Crate
External Modules
Activity: External Modules

Milestone Project: Billing Application

Gathering User Input
Activity: Gathering User Input
Mini Project: Introduction
Retrieve User Input
Creating The Main Menu Loop
Required Data Structures
Implementation: Adding & Viewing Bills
Implementation: Removing Bills
Implementation: Editing Bills

Shared Functionality

Demo: Traits
Activity: Traits
Implementing The “Default” Trait
Generics & Functions
Demo: Generics & Functions
Activity: Generics & Functions
Generic Structures
Generic Structures & impl Blocks
Demo: Generics & Structures
Activity: Generics & Structures
Advanced Memory Concepts
Trait Objects
Demo: Trait Objects
Activity: Trait Objects


Ownership & Lifetimes
Demo: Lifetimes
Activity: Lifetimes & Structures
Activity: Lifetimes & Functions

Improving Program Reliability

Custom Error Types
Demo: Custom Error Types
Activity: Creating a Custom Error
New Type Pattern
Activity: Utilizing The New Type Pattern
TypeState Pattern
Demo: TypeState Pattern
Activity: TypeState Pattern
Demo: Match Guards & Binding
Activity: Match Guards & Binding
Arrays & Slices
Slice Patterns
Activity: Slices
Type Aliases

Type Conversions

Demo: From/Into
Activity: TryFrom/TryInto
Numeric Limits & Numeric Type Casting

Parallel Execution

Passing Closures to Functions
Demo: Threads
Activity: Threads
Demo: Channels
Demo: Bidirectional Threaded Communication
Activity: Channels

Shared Ownership

Smart Pointers
Interior Mutability: Cell & RefCell
Demo: Smart Pointers & RefCell
Activity: Smart Pointers & ReffCell
Threading: Deadlocks
Demo: Arc/Mutex
Activity: Arc/Mutex

Standard Library Tour

Enum Equality & Ordering
Struct Equality & Ordering
Operator Overloading
Iterators: Implementing Iterator for a Struct
Implement IntoIterator
Demo: Implementing IntoIterator
Activity: Implementing Iterator
Iterators: Custom Iteration Logic
Helpful Macros
Managing Integer Overflow

Other Language Features

Loop Labels
Loop Expressions
Struct Update Syntax
Escape Sequences & Raw Strings

Development Experience


Crate Roundup


Final Project: Clip Stash

Async Primer
Introduction To The Project
Walkthrough & Domain Structure Modules
Domain Errors
Domain Implementation: Content & Hits
Domain Implementation: Password
Domain Implementation: Shortcode
Domain Implementation: Title
Domain Implementation: Time
Domain Implementation: Expire & Posted
Domain Implementation: Dbld & Clipld
Recap & Error Correction
Database Type Aliases
Database Wrapper
Database Model
SQL Primer
sqlx cli
Database Query: Get Clip
Database Query: New Clip
Database Query: Update Clip
Recap & Next Steps
Service Layer: Errors
Service Layer: Get Clip
Service Layer: Add & Update Clip

Page Contexts
Template Renderer
Rocket Framework
Initial Web Setup
Web Forms
Homepage, Catchers, and Router
Rocket Configuration
Running the Server
Retrieving a Clip
Saving a Clip
Password Protected Clips
Raw Clips
Hit Counter
Hit Counter – Service & Data
Hit Counter Implementation part 1
Hit Counter Implementation part 2
Database Migration
API: Keys & Error Handling
API: Service & Queries
API: Request Guard
API: Routing
API Client: Cargo.toml & CLI Options
API Client: Get Clip & New Clip
API Client: Update Clip & Making Requests
Maintenance Tasks
Testing: Database
Testing: HTTP Routes

Prerequisites for Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide:

A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
No prior programming knowledge is required. You will learn everything from scratch
A willingness and enthusiasm to learn
This course is absolutely ideal for beginners. While you will learn many more advanced topics as well, this course might not be for you if you already have more than a few years of Rust experience

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Rust Programming

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