ZeroToMastery – Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer's Guide 2022

ZeroToMastery – Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide 2022


Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide is a solidity, Ethereum network, and blockchain technology training course published by Zir To Master Academy. This training course is one of the most comprehensive courses published in the field of blockchain and digital currency programming and development, and it will guide you in a completely project-oriented and practical way to develop your first Web 3 project.

According to ZeroToMastery, this training course is the most complete and up-to-date course published in the field of blockchain development and covers almost all the basic concepts and skills. Among the most important topics raised in this training course, we can mention decentralized applications, smart contracts, the creation and implementation of stable digital currency or stablecoin, etc.

Learning the development of blockchain and other related technologies is important from two aspects. Blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies is an emerging technology, and there are still many opportunities for creativity and ideation in this field, and in this regard, your job position will be guaranteed for the next ten years. Secondly, the job positions in this field have a very good percentage of payment and benefits, and almost all single and advanced companies in the field of technology are looking for specialists in this emerging field whose abilities have been proven.

What you will learn in Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide:

  • The basic principles and basics of blockchain and development on the Ethereum platform
  • Syntax and potentials of Solidity programming language
  • Different potentials of blockchain and the latest innovations in this field
  • Design, testing, and implementation of secure smart contracts
  • Building very advanced and practical applications on the Ethereum platform
  • Solidity programming language ecosystem
  • Decentralized finance with the abbreviation DeFi (Decentralized finance)
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Zero To
Master Instructor: Markus Waas
Language: English
Education level: Introductory
Number of lessons: 74
Duration of training: 6 hours and 19 minutes

Course headings

4 lectures

Blockchain 101
8 lectures

Ethereum 101
7 lectures

Ethereum Development Overview
5 lectures

Solidity Fundamentals
8 lectures

Creating Your Own ERC-20 Token
22 lectures

DeFi: Implementing Your Own Stable Coin
16 lectures

A Decentralized Casino
7 lectures

3 lectures

Where To Go From Here?
5 lectures

Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide course prerequisites

A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
Basic programming knowledge is required.
Basic knowledge of JavaScript is strongly recommended. If you don’t have this, we recommend starting with our Complete Web Developer course, included with your ZTM Academy membership.
A willingness and enthusiasm to learn new technologies and an interest in the world of Web3.

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