ZeroToMastery - The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery 2022
Excel Bootcamp

ZeroToMastery – The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery 2022


The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery is a comprehensive and project-based training course in Excel software published by Zero to Mastery Academy. In this course, you will be introduced to very important topics such as Excel formulas and functions, illustration and display in the form of graphs and graphic charts, Pivot Tables, VBA macros in Excel, data analysis and modeling, and valuable skills.

You will. Excel software is one of the most important tools in the field of data storage, analysis, and modeling, which is often used in various fields and job situations. The volume of tools provided in this software package is incredible and almost everything can be done with Excel. The frequent and rapid development of data-driven applications and the creation and submission of work reports are among the most important capabilities of Excel.

This training course is completely project-oriented and at the end of this course, you will create a completely smart budget and cost management program that is equipped with various capabilities such as charts and price charts.

What you will learn in The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery:

  • Advanced and special Excel capabilities such as macro and pivot table
  • Work with Excel illustrations and charting capabilities to provide data in visual and understandable formats
  • Data illustration and types of charts and graphs available in Excel software
  • Build custom formulas for data analysis, data entry, and output management, and
  • Automate repetitive and daily tasks using macro and VBA capabilities
  • Edit and change the information in Excel columns with different functions such as DATEDIF, NETWORKDAYS, and…
  • Receive data from external and external datasets and store it in Excel files
  • Analysis of large and bulky datasets with Pivot Table

Course specifications

Publisher: Zero To
Master Instructor: Travis Cuzick
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 91
Training Duration: 13 hours and 20 minutes

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Course topics


Module 1: Excel 101

Module 2: Filtering and Sorting Data

Module 3: Excel Formulas 101

Module 4: Crunching Numbers With Excel Functions

Module 5: Conditional Calculations

Module 6: Date and Time Functions

Module 7: Text Functions

Module 8: Logical and Lookup Functions

Module 9: Modeling in Excel

Module 10: Data Visualization in Excel

Module 11: Working With Structured Data in Excel

Module 12: Pivot Tables

Module 13: Macros and VBA

Where To Go From Here?

Prerequisites for The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

No previous Excel experience is needed. We go from beginner to advanced in this full Excel Bootcamp

You do need to install Microsoft Excel (Excel 365 is used for demonstrations, but all course material is compatible with earlier versions)

Excel Bootcamp Course pictures


Excel Bootcamp

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