ZeroToMastery - Web3 Masterclass: Blockchain, DApps, DAOs + More 2022

ZeroToMastery – Web3 Masterclass: Blockchain, DApps, DAOs + More 2022


Blockchain, DApps, DAOs + More is a third-generation web-based project or web 3 training course published by the following specialized academy. In this course, various topics such as blockchain and various types of currency cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications (Dapps), decentralized organization (DAO), bitcoin and atrium, smart contracts, NFTs, and…

are discussed and new skills You will learn. Web 3 is one of the most important emerging technologies and mastering it can bring you many job opportunities.

The focus of this course is on mastering the inner workings of Web 3 and fully understanding its concepts. Given the emergence of this technology, the changes applied to it also occur very quickly, extensively, and at short intervals; But due to the investment of companies, top investors and many entrepreneurs in this technology, thousands of job opportunities have already been created around Web 3. This course tries to provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the main topics of Web 3 and the technology that has shaped the cryptocurrency world, without any additional content.

What you will learn in Web3 Masterclass: Blockchain, DApps, DAOs + More:

  • Current functions of Web 3 and its operational potential in the future
  • Smart contracts, NFTs, and their application in the gaming industry
  • Blockchain technology and its basic principles
  • Immutability
  • Objectives and Functions of the Decentralized Authority (DAO)
  • Basic cryptocurrency topics such as wallets and addresses to more complex topics
  • History of the World Wide Web and the Importance of the Web 3
  • And …

This course is suitable for people who:

  • People who need a short but practical course on Web 3 technology and its implications.
  • China blockchain and currency enthusiasts who want to know more about their technology.
  • Developers who want to learn more about Web 3 in order to make the decision to focus their business.

Course specifications

Publisher: Zero To
Master Instructor: Adam Odziemkowski
Language: English
Education Level: Basic
Number of Courses: 38 (Only 6 text files missing compared to 6/2022)
Training Duration: 4 hours and 29 minutes

Course topics on 2022/6


Course Prerequisites

None! Just the curiosity to learn all about Web3 and its applications.

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