ZipForge 6.93 for D7-XE10.4

ZipForge 6.93 for D7-XE10.4

ComponentAce ZipForge is a powerful and fast VCL component for working with zip files for Delphi / C ++ programmers. This component is written entirely in Delphi and allows programmers to easily create zip files, extract zip files to memory or hard disk, add a new file from memory or disk to zip compressed archives, or replace and Delete files in these archives. It is also possible to read Zip SFX archives using ZipForge and supports AES encryption and multi-part zip. ZipForge puts everything you need to work with zip files into one compact component.

Features and specifications of ZipForge component:

  • Open and create encrypted archives with AES algorithm
  • Support for 64-bit zip files that allow you to create 4GB archives
  • Unicode naming support
  • Includes a transaction system to return the archive to its previous state if changes are not made correctly
  • Ability to add compressed data and extract archives without the need for temporary files
  • Ability to search files in the archive by mask
  • Operation progress display
  • Being a complete source in Delphi

Installation guide

Published versions are usually complete and with source code.

download link

Download ZipForge 6.93 Commercial Edition Source Code for D7-XE10.4

Download ZipForge 6.92 for Delphi 10.3 Rio Commercial Edition

Download ZipForge 6.80 XE8 DX10.2 Full Source

Download ZipForge 6.50 for D4-XE10 Full Source

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