Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX 1.9 x64 for Maya

Ziva VFX is the name of a specialized and powerful tool in the field of body anatomy simulation. In fact, the software package in front of you includes plugins for different versions of Maya software. Many designers and engineers around the world use this tool to simulate and create 3D characters in movies, games and animations. Thanks to the use of plugins in this product, you can model the muscles, fat and skin of your desired characters in the best possible way.

Ziva VFX plugin allows you to simulate anatomy very realistically using visual parameters and real-world units. You will also have very complete and precise control of your project when using this plugin. Quick character changes are some of the features that make it possible for you to use this plugin. Another advantage of using this tool is the intelligence of the simulated models in dealing with different objects.

Also, all the tools in this plugin are completely targeted. Everything you need to create the true anatomy of a body is included in the tools of this product. Using this software package, you can simulate and model your different characters on a variety of scales.

Features and specifications of Ziva VFX plugin:

  • Full compatibility with different versions of Maya software
  • Simulation of the anatomy of the body and objects with very high operating accuracy
  • Fully realistic modeling based on real physics
  • Consider elements such as muscle, fat and skin
  • Ability to make quick changes to your created projects

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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