ZylGPSReceiver 3.79 D2009-XE10.2

ZylGPSReceiver is a Delphi and C ++ builder component that communicates with the GPS receiver. GPS returns latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, route, direction of movement and current position parameters.

This component calculates the distances and performs the conversion operation between different units of measurement.

This component supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Quasi-Zenith and Galileo satellites.

With this component you will have the following features:

  • Create a Windows application or service that receives GPS data and stores it in a database.
  • Create a web service that provides the requested GPS data from the database to web pages.
  • GPS is a global radio navigation system consisting of 24 satellites and their stations. GPS uses three satellites as reference points to calculate positions with a few meters accuracy.

Features and Features of  ZylGPSReceiver

  • ZylGPSReceiver: Processes NMEA data from serial, USB or Bluetooth ports.
    • This component is string based, meaning that the reading process is done by different strings.
  • ZylUdpGPSReceiver: processes NMEA data from the UDP socket.
    • This extension uses Indy 9 socket components that are pre-installed on Delphi 6 and later. You can find the full source code of this component in the download package.
  • ZylUdp10GPSReceiver: processes NMEA data from a UDP socket.
    • ZylCustomGPSReceiver uses Indy 10 socket components installed by default in Delphi 2005 and later. You can find the full source code of this component in the download package.
  • ZylFileGPSReceiver: Processes NMEA data from a text file.
  • ZylNMEADecoder: processes NMEA data from any source, but you must feed it with NMEA statements from the Decode method.

Installation guide

To install the above component, just select one of the specified folders according to your IDE. It should be noted that for each edit there is a file with the dpk extension that you must open and install in the IDE.

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Download ZylGPSReceiver_3.79_D2009-XE10.2_win32

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