ZylGSM 1.47 for D5-D10.4 Sydney

ZylGSM is a useful component for connecting to phones and GSM modems in Delphi and C ++ Builder. The main features of this component are the ability to send text messages in text or PDU format, delete text messages, make voice calls, send information, answer incoming calls, cut off current calls, detect phone ringing and display phone numbers, alert notifications Noting new text messages, reading text and pdu text messages, etc. This component fully supports the 7-bit GSM alphabet and the UCS2 character and is compatible with most GSM modems. You can execute all AT commands on the modem.

ZylGSM is able to execute all Hayes commands on a modem connected to the serial port. Of course, it is also possible to execute commands on most USB, infrared, and Bluetooth modems, as these modems usually have an internal recorder that transmits input information virtually serially. (You can see this in the Device Manager section). To connect to Android devices, you must first install their USB driver and connect in media mode. GSM is a global standard for connecting mobile phones that 82% of mobile phones in the world use this standard to communicate with each other.

ZylGSM Features and Features:

  • Send text message and PDU
  • Delete SMS
  • Voice communication and data transmission
  • Answer incoming calls with the ability to display the phone number
  • Ability to disconnect incoming calls
  • Announce alerts for incoming SMS
  • Compatible with 7-bit GSM alphabet and UCS2 character
  • Compatible with all types of GSM modems
  • Ability to execute AT (Hayes) commands
  • Can be used in Delphi and C ++ Builder
  • Contains help and sample codes to get acquainted with the performance of the component

Installation guide

These versions are usually released with cracked or cracked files.

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Download ZylGSM 1.47 for D5-D10.4 Sydney

Download ZylGSM 1.44 for Delphi 10.1-10.3 Rio

Download ZylGSM 1.42 for D2009-XE7 win32 Full Source

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