ZylSerialPort 1.71 for D4-XE10.2 Full Source

ZylSerialPort is a multi-threaded and asynchronous component for connecting to serial ports in Delphi and C ++ Builder. This library is coded asynchronously and multi-threaded. This means that the operation of receiving information from the serial port is performed in the background and the user interface of your program does not freeze or hang while reading information and is still able to interact with users. Using this component, you can easily communicate with external serial devices such as fingerprint scanners, fax modems, printers, barcode readers, GSM modules, GPS devices, and read or write the desired information from them.

In addition to serial ports, you can receive data from the widely used USB port, as well as other ports such as irDA and Bluetooth. This is because these devices usually have drivers for redirecting data to virtual serial ports, and the component can easily connect to the destination device via this virtual port. If the USB port of your device does not have this feature, try using a USB controller that provides such a virtual port, such as FTDI or USB / RS-232 adapters.

This component can be used in both Delphi and C ++ Builder and has examples in both languages. We advise Delphi and C ++ programmers to forget about error-prone manual coding for serial ports and not to reinvent the wheel. One of the main advantages of libraries such as ZylSerialPort is their low bugs, because when a company professionally writes and supports such libraries and components, it is definitely constantly following the problems and bugs in it.

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Use the folders in the Crack folder according to the version you are using, by copying to the installation location to register the software.

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Download ZylSerialPort 1.73 for XE10.3 Rio Patched DCU

Download ZylSerialPort 1.71 for D4-XE10.2 Full Source

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