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ETABS & SAFE : Advanced Course For RCC and Steel Structures


ETABS & SAFE: Advanced Course For RCC and Steel Structures, ETABS and SAFE advanced training course for RCC and steel structures has been published by Udemy Academy. This course covers almost everything in ETABS and SAFE. So you don’t need another course. In this course you will be taught about Etabs and SAFE. So that you can safely send the results to CSI SAFE. After that you know how to do detailed skeleton and detailed maps. You will be amazed at your self-confidence after taking this course.

You will gain sufficient knowledge in residential buildings, tall buildings and steel structures. So if you really want to learn about CSI SAFE and ETABS in a practical way, you should definitely join this course without a doubt; Because each of them is explained in detail. We analyze and design members with connections. We will also see how to resolve model warnings and how to fix skeleton instability in Etabs. So if you are interested in learning ETABS and SAFE and familiarizing yourself with skeleton detail and producing structural drawings especially for RCC and steel, this course is for you.

What you will learn

  • Learn the structural analysis and design of a residential building using ETABS.
  • Details and design of longitudinal and shear reinforcement of columns and beams.
  • Analysis and design of any type of engineering skeleton using ETABS.
  • Linear static analysis of RCC structures
  • Linear dynamic analysis of RCC structures (response spectrum analysis)
  • Nonlinear static analysis of RCC structures
  • Design of 34 storey RCC building as per Indian standards.
  • Output of incoming loads from ETABS to CSI SAFE for foundation design
  • Flat foundation design in CSI SAFE
  • Modeling of RCC structures
  • Staircase modeling in two ways
  • Learn the compatibility between Etabs, Csi Safe and Autocad
  • Send design directly to AutoCAD
  • Tricks to save time in detail
  • How to do details with the help of software

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Structural engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Anyone interested in using the latest version of Etabs

ETABS & SAFE course specifications: Advanced Course For RCC and Steel Structures

Chapters of the ETABS & SAFE course: Advanced Course For RCC and Steel Structures

Course prerequisites

  • Etabs Installed in PC
  • Autocad, CSI SAFE and CSI Detailing installed in PC


ETABS & SAFE: Advanced Course For RCC and Steel Structures

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