Companion by Minitab (Quality Companion)

Companion by Minitab (Quality Companion)

Companion by Minitab, formerly known as Quality Companion, is a software from MiniTAB and a very powerful statistical data analysis software. The software allows you to update and categorize statistical data in different sections, it also uses the powerful Roadmaps tool, which is a tool for analyzing the approach of different data during a project. This Quality Companion software feature will allow projects to progress quickly with minimal error. Quality Companion allows users to modify existing tools and customize tabs in the software. This software with easy use and simple environment has become one of the best software in this field. The latest version of Quality Companion is now available to you.

Features and characteristics of Companion by Minitab:

  • Has more than 100 tools to improve the statistical data analysis process
  • Use the Roadmaps tool to analyze data as well as share it
  • Relationship between project priorities as well as the use of different resources identified for the project in order to better approach the projects
  • Automatically transfer project data to the main dashboard and access KPIs at any time
  • Has a simple and smooth user interface
  • Ability to transfer data as a database from various software such as Excel
  • Ability to determine the amount of computational error depending on the type of project

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Companion_by_Minitab_5.4.2.0

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