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4M Software company produces various products in the field of CAD (Computer-aided design) and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

List of 4M Software:

4MCAD Professional

4M IDEA Architectural Design

4M FINEMEP (Building Services):

4M FineHVAC (HVAC Design)

4M FineELEC (Electrical Design)

4M FineSANI (Sanitary Design)

4M FineFIRE (Fire Fighting Design)

4M FineGAS (Gas Network Design)

4M FineLIFT (Elevator Design)

4M FineENERGY (Energy Design):

4M FineGREEN (Energy Simulation)

4M Fine4RATE (Energy Rating)

IDEA Architecture , is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of architectural design. A popular and powerful software that is based on DWG and is very popular among architects around the world. This software is able to design your architectures in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms with very high quality. Also, this software is mentioned in the world as a complete low-cost software that has left the footsteps of Revit and ArchiCAD software. The makers of this software also claim that this product is fully compatible with DWG and IFC.

IDEA Architecture software, along with all its key tools and capabilities, also benefits from a very high speed in data processing. By using this software and its high-speed display engine, you can perform zoom, pan, etc. operations at a very high speed. Also, in the new version of this software, the user interface of this product has been completely changed and tried to bring more comfort to the user. Also, this software uses very powerful rendering for your designs.

Features and features of 4M Software IDEA Architecture:

  • Powerful and fully compatible user interface for user comfort
  • Very fast and accurate processing of your data and work information
  • Work environment in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms of your choice
  • Simplifying the 2D and 3D design stage
  • Benefit from the tools you need while designing
  • Rendering is done at a very high speed

Fine HVAC is a powerful software for building information modeling or BIM and building HVAC services. By using the advanced technology of this product, the productivity of engineers will increase significantly. By having different tools for 3D modeling and also benefiting from a wide library of BIM objects, this program will help you to design and model HVAC buildings and services much easier and faster than in the past. do. With this work, before the actual implementation of the project, all the costs and materials needed will be calculated, and we will have an accurate vision of what will be built, which will reduce costs and actually cost more intelligently and accurately. Due to the very good interaction of Fine HVAC computing modules with BIM objects, this program, in addition to being able to model building information maps from the ground up, is also able to import BIM models from other software, which allows understanding the physical characteristics. BIM objects will be prepared and with calculations specific to this program, the final results will be produced and provided to engineers.

Features and features of 4M Software Fine HVAC:

  • Automatic and intelligent detection of equipment installed on the building, including heating units, fan coils, air ducts, etc.
  • Optimal and automatic routing of the piping network
  • Perform various calculations on the map
  • Making rich and complete reports of all equipment and BIM objects of the building
  • The possibility of creating vertical drawings in DWG format with the ability to edit and share
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design
  • Ability to choose your favorite calculation methodologies and change parameters according to your needs

required system

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


4M Software

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

The versions of 4MCAD 21.0 and ELEC 19.0 have been installed and activated successfully on Windows 10 64-bit edition on May 7, 1400. Other versions are also activated with the same crack. Be sure to close the software connection to the Internet during installation and use.

download link

Download 4M 4MCAD Professional 21.0 (tested)

Download 4M IDEA Architectural 19.0

4M FINEMEP (Building Services)

Download 4M Fine-HVAC 19.0

Download 4M Fine-ELEC 19.0

Download 4M Fine-SANI 19.0

Download 4M Fine-FIRE 19.0

Download 4M Fine-NGAS (FineGAS) 19.0

Download 4M Fine-LIFT 19.0

4M FineENERGY (Energy Design)

Download 4M FineGREEN 14.0

Download 4M Fine4RATE 14.0

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