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Alfred 5 Powerpack


Alfred Powerpack, Alfred is a productivity software for macOS developed by Crayons. This program provides faster access to programs, files, folders, dictionaries and various system functions. Alfred is similar in functionality to macOS Spotlight, but offers a higher degree of customization and extensibility through its own operating system called “workflow”. Powerpack It is a set of extremely powerful features built on the powerful core of the application. Highly flexible and integrated with macOS, use it to customize your Mac and be more productive than ever. Whether you’re new to it or a seasoned user, there are endless ways to increase productivity with workflow. An incredible range of Workflow Objects and Automation Tasks allows you to automate repetitive and laborious tasks. The Workflow editor is now more functional, more functional and more accessible than ever. Match Alfred to your desktop, clothes or mood. Create your own themes by choosing colors, fonts, sizes and more. Open your favorite websites with 1Passwords secure passwords.

Features and features of Alfred Powerpack:

  • Powerful search engine

  • Use Clipboard History to save text, images and files

  • Type less, increase productivity with Snippets

  • Control the music app from the keyboard with the built-in Mini Player

  • View files quickly with the keyboard before opening the file system.

  • Do repetitive tasks with keywords and customized keywords

  • View the details of your contacts in the Contacts Viewer application

  • Run commands and scripts in the terminal directly from Alfred.

required system

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.14 or later


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Alfred 5 Powerpack 5.5 (2257) Rel macOS

Download Alfred 5 Powerpack 5.5 (2247) Pre-release macOS

Download Alfred 5 Powerpack 5.1.4 2195 macOS

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