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EMA3D Cable


EMA3D Cable, a specialized software for modeling electromagnetic cables and viewing it on a dedicated company product platform ANSYS Is. This program has workflow capabilities from design to cable validation. These steps include electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) support and system design evaluation for cable harness designs for aerospace, automotive, military, oil and gas applications, as well as consumer-related electrical and magnetic sectors. . With the help of this program, in the initial steps of cable harness design, the performance of the cable can be predicted in EMC certification tests.

This software has the ability to solve the most complex problems related to CAD geometry by forming an efficient mesh-based network. EMA3D, using its modeler user interface, provides the possibility of creating a workflow so that engineers can quickly solve complex and realistic models in a fraction of the time. This program also allows accurate simulation of lightning strikes, strong magnetic fields (HIRF), electromagnetic pulses (EMP), magnetic radiation and various researches in the field of other EMC applications.

Features and features of EMA3D Cable

  • Modeling of electromagnetic cables
  • Simulation of electromagnetic calculations
  • Assessment of electromagnetic environmental effects
  • Cable verification tests

required system

Windows 10/11 64-bit


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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ANSYS EMA3D Cable/Charge 2024 R1 x64

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