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Intensive Kubernetes: Advanced Concepts


Intensive Kubernetes: Advanced Concepts, Kubernetes advanced concepts course is published by Ardan Labs Academy. This course covers advanced concepts around application packaging, capacity planning, resource management, security, operators, and specific mechanisms related to deploying stateful applications. In this course, a demo application named “DockerCoins” is introduced, which is built on the architecture of microservices.

The following are covered in this course:

  • Connecting to the new Kubernetes cluster
  • Installing a sample application named “DockerCoins”
  • The application has several microservices and a web interface.
  • Change YAML files representing Kubernetes resources with kustomize I see
  • What exactly is a helm chart?
  • Making a simple chart

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is for hobbyists, developers and architects who have already started working with Kubernetes and want to learn more advanced concepts.

What you will learn

  • Application packaging with kustomize and Heml
  • Capacity management and Kubernetes operators

  • security
  • Program configuration and full state configuration

  • Authentication and login

Intensive Kubernetes: Advanced Concepts course specifications

  • Publisher: Ardan Labs
  • teacher : Jérôme Petazzoni
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 48
  • Training duration: 10 hours and 29 minutes

Chapters of Intensive Kubernetes: Advanced Concepts course

Course prerequisites

  • Understanding of Pods, Deployments, Services
  • How to deploy an app and expose it on a Kubernetes cluster
  • Basic notions of what are labels, selectors, YAML manifests
  • Basic shell commands (navigate directories, set environment variables…)
  • Using a text editor like vi, nano, or similar


Intensive Kubernetes: Advanced Concepts

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