Download Arduino Complete Course: Build 30+ projects step by step

Arduino Complete Course _ Build 30+ projects step by step


Arduino Complete Course: Build 30+ projects step by step, practical and comprehensive Arduino training course has been published by Udemy Academy. Arduino is a subject that cannot be learned without hands-on experience. This course is designed based on student needs. Here we will start with the very basic concepts of Arduino. All its importance, scope and benefits will be discussed. Then the course is divided into 5 parts. Before you get straight to creating projects, let’s get to the basics first. We will understand what programming is and how it relates to Arduino and hardware. Now after finishing the programming, we will learn how we can control the hardware using programming. After learning programming and hardware, we apply our skills and create 3 projects in this section. Building automated robots was great and fun. But what if we could control the actions of a robot at any time? So we will create our own programs, using which we can control our bots at any time. Once we have acquired our app development skills we will use those skills and develop our own mobile app controlled projects where we will create two major projects.

What you will learn

  • Arduino
  • Arduino programming
  • Voice control robot
  • Mobile control rover
  • The robot avoids obstacles
  • The robot follows the line
  • Laser warning system
  • Project development using Arduino
  • Electronic application development
  • Arduino IDE
  • Programming basics, data types, conditions, loops and functions
  • Light measurement using LDR
    Distance measurement using an ultrasonic sensor
  • Object detection using IR sensor
  • Line detection using line sensor
  • Color detection using a color sensor
  • Laser module
  • How to run LCD display
  • Motion detection using PIR sensor
  • Temperature detection using DHT sensor

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Arduino
  • Electronic
  • Electronics and communications
  • robotic
  • programmers

Specifications of the Arduino Complete Course: Build 30+ projects step by step

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Dev Nirwal , Ritu Antill
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 245
  • Training duration: 19 hours and 16 minutes

Arduino Complete Course chapters: Build 30+ projects step by step

Course prerequisites

  • No prior requirements, just a computer with internet


Arduino Complete Course: Build 30+ projects step by step

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