Download Autodesk Inventor, a complete guide from beginner to expert

Autodesk Inventor, a complete guide from beginner to expert


Autodesk Inventor, a complete guide from beginner to expert, Autodesk Inventor complete guide training course from beginner to advanced has been published by Udemy Academy. A complete guide to engineering modeling and design using Autodesk Inventor. Courses are designed using real-world functionality and scenarios so that students become proficient users of Autodesk Inventor, as well as learn the design techniques and skills to become a valuable asset to any company. This course starts with the basics of using the software and goes to more advanced techniques such as Sheet Metal, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using NASTRAN, 3D animation and 3D printing. Part 1 will serve as your introduction to Autodesk Inventor. Here we will cover the basics of design, modeling and user interface familiarization.

We will also cover more advanced areas such as basic animation, generative design and 3D designs. There is also a video tutorial that covers how to download and install Autodesk Inventor (2020). This section is the largest section of this course and contains valuable information and skills that we will discuss further. In the second part, we will examine Sheet Metal. Sheet Metal is one of the valuable features that Inventor offers. Ideal for industries that use sheet metal and those that use Break press machine They use as part of their production. Sheet metal enables the user to create molds, sheets, coils and precise sheet cut sizes, as well as bend steps that indicate which part to bend first and which part to bend last so you can Get the final product you want.

What you will learn

  • Basic and advanced design skills, sheet metal, generative design, 3D animation, FEA NASTRAN, 3D printing

Who is this course suitable for?

  • New and experienced Inventor users, designers and engineers

Autodesk Inventor course specifications, a complete guide from beginner to expert

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Marius Brink
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 97
  • Training duration: 25 hours and 57 minutes

Autodesk Inventor course chapters, a complete guide from beginner to expert

Course prerequisites

  • Need to already have Autodesk Inventor installed on the computer


Autodesk Inventor, a complete guide from beginner to expert

Sample video

Installation guide

After Extract, view with your favorite Player.

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