Download BabelEdit 5.0.1 / TexturePacker 7.1.0 / SpriteIlluminator 1.6.2

Download BabelEdit 5.0.1 / TexturePacker 7.1.0 / SpriteIlluminator 1.6.2


BabelEdit is a file editor and translation tool that supports different languages ​​and frameworks such as JSON, YAML, PHP, arb, vue, Angular, React, Ember, Flutter, Laravel, etc. he does. In the world of programming, when you use one language, everything is easy and fast, but as soon as you use two or more languages, challenges and problems begin. Building multilingual and internationalized programs is very hard and difficult, and translating all errors and messages into the required languages ​​can confuse you. Translating all the messages into the target language, usability of all the messages, identifying the weak translation such as the final translation or draft, receiving the output files of the required languages ​​in different formats, etc. are among the most important challenges with You will face them.

If the sync option is enabled, the software can immediately identify the changes made in the original and source languages ​​and apply them to the files of other destination languages. Operations such as adding, renaming, deleting, etc. are supported by this feature.

Features and features of BabelEdit software:

  • No need for any format conversion, import and export
  • Full support for json (Angular, React, Laravel, Vue and more), yaml (Ember), php (Laravel translation data), vue (Vue.js single file components) and…
  • Automatic detection of the framework used in the project
  • Automatic recognition of the structure of translation files without the need for introduction
  • Finding useless translations
  • Identification of unused translations in the source code
  • Automatic and fast translation by connecting to Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and DeepL services
  • Providing different suggestions to choose the best possible translation
  • Spelling checker and correction of various mistakes
  • Support for 42 living languages ​​of the world
  • Get the output of all translations and original files to share it with other team members
  • Support formats .xlsx ,.csv and Google Spreadsheets to transfer information and receive output

required system

Windows 8.1 / 10


Installation guide

It is given in the readme file.

Due to the similar activation method, two other tools of this company are also provided.

download link

Download BabelEdit 5.0.1

Download TexturePacker 7.1.0

Download SpriteIlluminator 1.6.2

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