Download Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js 13.4

Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js 13.4


Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js 13.4 is a project-oriented training course on full-stack programming with the Next.js framework, published by Udemy Academy. During this course you will develop a professional multilingual blog. In this course, in addition to the NextJS framework, you will also benefit from the Directus platform. Among the most important topics discussed in this course are the creation of responsive websites, improving the performance and loading speed of website pages, dynamic routing, multi-language website (language localization), general optimization. The website mentioned for different search engines (SEO), blog integration with different virtual networks and Google Analytics installation. Installing the Directus content management system is also one of the most important skills presented in this course.

The course instructor will start his work by introducing the technologies used in this course and then teaching the installation and configuration of the development environment. After going through the initial stages, you will enter the secondary parts of the course and learn the process of creating a user interface with the powerful NextJS framework and the Tailwind CSS library. The designed interface will then be integrated with the Directus content management system.

What you will learn in the Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js 13.4 training course:

  • Building advanced and modern GUI with NextJS framework and library Tailwind CSS
  • The latest features of NextJS framework version 13.4 such as App Directory ,Server Components And Server Actions
  • Building advanced and scalable applications with NextJS version 13 and above
  • Building a content management system Headless With Directus
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Batuhan Bilgin
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 108
Training duration: 9 hours and 13 minutes

Course headings

Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js course prerequisites 13.4

No prior NextJS knowledge is required. You will learn everything from scratch.
React knowledge is recommended. You should at least have an idea about React.
Javascript knowledge is strongly recommended. This is not a beginner course for newcomers to the Javascript world.

Course images

Building a Full-stack Multilingual Blog with Next.js 13.4

Course introduction video

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