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Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language


Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language is a training course on building a virtual machine for programming language and the principles of interpretation and compilation of low-level languages, published by Yodemy. This course is very useful for professional developers in different platforms and languages ​​and will introduce you to the functionality and working methods of different programming languages ​​behind the scenes and logic. During the implementation of programming languages, many questions will arise in your mind, all of which will be answered in this course. In universities, there is usually a unique course called compilers or interpreters, which examines this very important topic, but the amount of irrelevant and theoretical material is so high that these classes are only for high-level engineers with practical experience.

Various books have been written in this field, but the main problem of these books is that they start from simple and theoretical topics, which are very boring. These topics are usually simple but very long and take a lot of time. Trivial discussions such as lexical and grammatical analysis are included in this area. Unlike these books, the upcoming training course aims to teach you zero to one hundred topics of compilers, translators and virtual machines with a completely practical approach and within only 6 hours.

What you will learn in the Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language course:

  • Implementation and configuration of virtual machines
  • Stack-based and register-based virtual machines
  • Interpreter of bytecodes
  • Compiler build process
  • Low level interpretation and translation
  • Call stack or call stack
  • The working logic of programming languages ​​behind the scenes
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
Lecturer: Dmitry Soshnikov
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 29
Training duration: 4 hours and 26 minutes

Course headings

Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language course prerequisites

Basic C++
Basic data structures (maps, lists, stacks, trees)
“Building an Interpreter from scratch” class (if needed)

There are two prerequisites for this class:

The Building a Virtual Machine course is a natural extension for the previous class — Building an Interpreter from scratch (aka Essentials of Interpretation), where we also build a full programming language, but at a higher, AST-level. Unless you already have an understanding of how programming languages ​​work at this level, ie what eval, a closure, a scope chain, environments, and other constructs are — you have to take the interpreters class as a prerequisite.

Also, going to lower (bytecode) level where production VMs live, we need to have basic C++ experience. This class, however, is not about C++, so we use only very basic (and transferable) constructs to other languages.

Watch the introduction video for the details.

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Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language

Introduction video of Building a Virtual Machine for Programming Language course

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