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Cadence FINE MARINE is an integrated CFD software environment for simulating single-phase and multiphase flows around any type of ship, boat or yacht. Interface GraphicsThe powerful and customizable software guides the user through the entire simulation process and integrates exclusive marine features:

HEXPRESS™: Highly automatic mesh generator for high quality meshes and hexagonal meshes without complete structure

FINE/Marine flow solver: Flow solver incompressible 6DOF is known as the best accuracy for a variety of marine applications including free surface capturing.

C-Wizard: Automatic mesh adjustment and calculation for many applications

CFView™: Powerful post-processing and scientific visualization systems provide all qualitative and quantitative tools and marine-specific add-ons for flow visualization and flow analysis.

Cadence International is one of the pioneers in developing and providing grid production systems, multi-physics CFD software systems for multi-physics design simulation and optimization of industrial products and processes. NUMECA software is used to simulate fluids, acoustics, thermal and fluid/mechanical systems in a wide variety of applications.

Features and features of Cadence FINE MARINE software:

  • Non mesh, fully hexagonal mesh
  • Modeling of thin surfaces (sails, tabs, etc.)
  • Geometry module replacement
  • Limited user input – high degree of automation
  • Very accurate capture of the free surface
  • 6DOF with dedicated marine motion rules
  • A semi-static approach for all types of boats and hydrofoils
  • Dynamic definition libraries (forces and motions)
  • Mesh sliding interfaces, overlapping mesh, cavitation modeling, adaptive mesh refinement

required system

Windows XP or later


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file about Crack.

Version 12.1 has been installed and successfully activated on 15 April 1403 in Windows 10 64-bit edition.

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Cadence FINE MARINE 12.1 x64 (tested)

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Download NUMECA FINE Marine 9.2 x64

NUMECA FINE Marine 9.2 Docs & Tutorials

Download part 1 – 1 GB

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