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A collection of intelligent programming tools for Delphi programmers; This is an abstract provided by the developer, Jacob Thurman, of the Castalia tools for Delphi. Increasing the speed of coding, more correct and complete understanding of the codes and overall improvement of the written codes are among the results of using these components in the Delphi programming environment.


Facilities and features of tools Castalia for Delphi :

– Smart review and analysis of codes

– Having a toolbar for faster access and coding

– Quickly write all types of common and complex codes using the powerful Code Templates tool

– Automatic saving feature

– Intelligent and advanced code debugging

– Smart search for text, symbols and programming symbols

– Displaying general project information, coding errors, search results, etc. in the form of colored lines in the Sidebar

– Multipaste tool to reset several lines of programming in a project instantly

– Has a clipboard history display window



Component Tips Castalia for Delphi :

– This version is complete and does not require activation.

– Tools compatible with Delphi version 5 to XE7 are provided separately.

– This component is offered in three versions, the Suite version being the most complete.

– This program in 2015 by Embarcadero purchased And its features were added to Delphi. Since then, this software is no longer published.

required system

Delphi 5

Delphi 6

Delphi 7

Delphi 2005

Delphi 2006

Delphi 2007

Delphi 2009

Delphi 2010

Delphi XE

Delphi XE2

Delphi XE3

Delphi XE4

Delphi XE5

Delphi XE6

Delphi XE7


Installation guide

This set is complete and does not require activation.

download link

Download the special version of Delphi XE

Download the special version of Delphi XE7

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