CCNP ENTERPRISE {2023} ENCOR+ENARSI | 120+ Hr NetworkJourney is a preparation course for Cisco CCNP ENTERPRISE certification published by Udemy Academy. This training course is one of the most voluminous training courses in the field of networking and acquiring Cisco certifications, which includes various tests and certificates such as ENCOR, ENARSI, etc. Based on active approaches in the field of network and facilities and its technologies, the Cisco company organizes various courses and grants a job qualification certificate to the participants who have obtained good grades. Certificates such as CCNP, CCSP, and CCDP are classified at the advanced and professional level of Cisco and are equivalent to master’s degrees in networking from prestigious universities.

This training course offers a total of more than 120 hours of training videos, which is unique compared to other courses published on Udemy! During this course, you will use GNS3 software to simulate complex networks. The simulation of these networks has a very effective role in learning and can save the student’s time and money. Due to the volume of this training course, you can be sure of its many topics. Among the most important topics discussed in this course are Dual stack architecture in networks, IPv4 and IPv6, virtualization (virtualization), infrastructure (L2 and L3), reliability and reliability of networks, network safety, automation and automation of tasks. He mentioned in networks and…

What is in the training course CCNP ENTERPRISE {2023} ENCOR+ENARSI | 120+ Hr NetworkJourney you will learn:

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Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Network Journey
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 257
Training duration: 95 hours and 1 minute

Course headings

CCNP ENTERPRISE course prerequisites {2023} ENCOR+ENARSI | 120+ Hr NetworkJourney


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CCNP ENTERPRISE {2023} ENCOR+ENARSI |  120+ Hr NetworkJourney

CCNP ENTERPRISE course introduction video {2023} ENCOR+ENARSI | 120+ Hr NetworkJourney

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